Our Mission

"We help anybody!"

-Reformers Unanimous Ministries exists to help anybody worldwide who wishes to experience a life of victory over difficulty.  This victory is obtained and retained not through an experience of ongoing effort, but through a once in a lifetime decision to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and a subsequent dedication to developing a dynamic love relationship with Him. 

R.U. Martville offers the following 4 ministries in order to help anybody

Reformers Unanimous Addictions Program


“We Help Addicted Adults Find Freedom”

-Reformers Unanimous Addiction Program exists to help adults find freedom from addictive behavior.  We accomplish this by assisting them in gaining and maintaining consistent communication with the Highest Power.  This power is not a higher power chosen by them, but a Holy Power that has chosen them.   Usefulness in life is then attained with community service through good local churches. 

Reformers Unanimous Kidz Club


“We Help Kids Grow God’s Way”

-Reformers Unanimous Kidz Club exists to help kids comprehend a love for God that ignites a lifelong relationship with Him.   This relationship is their only chance for lasting victory through adulthood. This relationship is developed using a structured program that includes dynamic teaching, instructional games and exciting stories that encourage children to avoid the pitfalls of despair most find in their teenage years.  . 

Reformers Unanimous Institutional Program


“We Help Believers Behind Bars”

-Reformers Unanimous Institutional Program exists to help believers in jails, prisons, and institutional treatment programs develop experiential freedom in the midst of confinement.  We accomplish this by urging the believer toward personal intimacy with the one who cannot leave them or forsake them.  We utilize proven resources that nurture their nature through personal discipleship, group counsel and individual burden bearing.  

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